PAD Awareness

Sep 05, 2018
PAD Awareness
September calls more attention to cardiovascular health because it is Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Awareness Month!

September calls more attention to cardiovascular health because it is Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Awareness Month!


Peripheral Artery Disease is the narrowing of the peripheral arteries to the extremities, commonly the legs. Atherosclerosis, blockages in the arteries from plaque caused by fats and cholesterol, is the primary cause of PAD. The blockages allow less blood to pass through and insufficient levels of oxygen reach the extremities.


Common symptoms of PAD include cramping, pain, or tiredness in the legs when walking or climbing stairs. When exercise stops and the demand for blood to the muscles decreases, discomfort in the legs often ceases. Decreased circulation caused by PAD causes the legs to have a lower temperature. PAD may cause ulcers and wounds on the feet or legs heal slowly.


The risk of PAD increases with age. High blood pressure and high cholesterol add to cumulative arterial blockage and put those individuals at higher risk of PAD. Smokers and diabetics or those with a family history of PAD are also at higher risk.

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